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  • Ali N. (Yelp)

    300% worth the money. i would send anyone who has lost data to PC Warehouse. Not only did they recover all of my data, but they were incredibly quick. they were also understanding to the fact that i needed a little time to raise funds to pay for the recovered drive. Great people and an even better end product.

  • Mark Surks (Google)

    My hard drive had bad sectors. A friend directed me to these folks and they replaced my hard drive with a solid state hard drive and were able to recover all of my date. What a relief. Prices were extremely reasonable and the folks there were very cordial. I will never go anywhere else. I am thrilled to have found these folks.

  • Frank (Google)

    Jim and Yvonne were very helpful. I had my data back the day after I sent them my drive. Their prices were much better than many other data recovery companies and Jim gave me a reasonable explanation of what they had to do to recover the data and also counseled me on the size of external hard drives to stick with in the future.

  • william t (Google)

    I visited PC Warehouse over 12 years ago looking into data recovery. At that time they were polite and friendly. They answer my questions about the data recovery. Now, Apr 2, 2017, I had a hard disk failure. It would not start and I did not feel any vibration on the disk. So I brought it to them and they were able to retrieve the data off the bad disk. They were polite and helpful today as they were over 12 years ago. Thank you PC Warehouse

  • xin chen (Google)

    Best data recovery service ever! I went to Best Buy for my computer and was told that they couldn't help me. So Best Buy Geek Squad recommended this store to me. They provide professional and prompt service to meet my needs!

  • B K. (Yahoo)

    Wonderful service and team over there. Had a laptop who's hard drive died and they not only saved all the data and repaired it same day! Top notch team.

  • Rebecca Graham (Google)

    I was desperate to get photos and videos off my old PC of my kids as babies so I went to Geek Squad. They told me my HD was corrupted and they could not pull anything off, charged me $30 and had the nerve to ask if I wanted them to recycle my tower!!! I said "no, I'm taking it somewhere else!" So I went to PC Warehouse and dropped it off. They called me the next day to let me know they would be able to recover my data. I got it home and true to their word, everything was on there. Thank you PC Warehouse for saving my family memories. I highly recommend going here before anywhere else and don't even bother considering Geek Squad because they are small minded and clueless.

  • Andrea Meade (Google)

    We attended James' 4-day data recovery training for Data Compass and HD Doctor Suite. Very informative and helpful! James is a wonderful instructor and he knows his stuff! Thank you to both James and Yvonne for hosting us for the week!

  • spetragl (Google)

    Top Notch Data Recovery Experts. My 10 year old Desktop hard drive failed to mount. The PC had been used to create years-worth of Microsoft Train Simulator 3D objects, Trains and scenery (specifically keyed for Windows XP) that would not work on Windows 8. PC Ware house recovered my OS and data with a "bit by bit" copy to a new Seagate Drive. All my programs, Registry settings and documents came back perfectly!!! Thank You so much!

  • Rich DiPersio (Google)

    Five stars don't seem to be enough: great service, fair price, successful results and particularly taking the time for personal instruction. I went in w/ a problem, left w/ the lost data from a bad section in a hard drive that froze. My thanks and compliments to James, owner & head tech of the PC Warehouse.

  • Michael Shernicoff (Google)

    I was in an emergency situation because my son severely damaged his flash drive and was not able to access schoolwork due this week. The staff at PC Warehouse was able to retrieve all the data stored on my son's damaged drive in less than 8 hours. They placed all his school work as well as school applications and photos on a new device. Without PC Warehouse, the work school work would have to be redone and all previous work and digital memories would have been lost forever.

  • Monica Sargent (Google)

    PC Warehouse came through for my Company All Clean Building Services, during an urgent computer crash. They delivered exactly what was asked, on time and in a friendly manner. It is obvious that PC Warehouse believes in a strong customer service. I would recommend them to anyone, and will use them again!!

  • A Google User (Google)

    Expert data recovery; friendly, fast, good, and reasonably priced professional team. Thanks PC Warehouse for saving my very importend data. Highly recommended!!!

  • A Google User (Google)

    Attended data recovery training. James is definetely one of a handful of data recovery gurus in the US. His depth of knowledge is incredible and I learned a lot from his experience. He has very good disposition to teach and help. His store has some unique computer accesories and components that may not be found elsewhere. I highly recommend him.

  • A Google User (Google)

    Attended 1 day training for data compass, james is very knowledge and I learned a lot, I am hoping I will come back later in the year for a 4 day training and additional hardware. I am so excited in this new venture. I highly recommend him