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  • Thomas Fisher (Google)

    Yvonne and Chris were terrific quickly diagnosing my fatal computer problem, presenting me with all my options in a no-pressure way, and delivering a rapid solution to me at a fair price. Sometimes personal service is so much more valuable than internet bargains!

  • Peter Yu (Google)

    Great service. no hassles. get the job done. Chris is a top notch technician. keep up the good work.

  • Robert Meyer (Facebook)

    I wanted to speed up my programs in my Sony Vaio laptop, so I had PC Warehouse install a solid state hard drive. With all the programs and data (ca 600 GB), they saved it all to the new drive. It only took 2 days in and out.

  • marla dorn (Google)

    First time using using this place and am totally satisfied.customer Service repair service , price and turnaround time is excellent!! Also very honest!! Highly recommended.

  • Len Burke (Google)

    Yvonne, James and staff are the best for PC service and parts. nice friendly atmosphere and honest reliable what more could you ask for..

  • Karolis Sukys (Google)

    Always are on time with my repairs and always friendly

  • Edward Meyer (Google)

    I wanted to speed up my programs in my Sony Vaio laptop, so I had PC Warehouse install a solid state hard drive. With all the programs and data (ca 600 GB), they saved it all to the new drive. It only took 2 days in and out.

  • Gemma Q. (Yelp)

    Miracle worker is the best way to describe this place. Apple told me they couldnt help me, the Geek Squad tried to send me back to Apple, and told me they couldnt help me either. These people fixed the problem in one day, without any fanfare. They KNOW what they are doing here with computer repair. We are very lucky, indeed, to have them in our backyard, in Freehold, NJ.

  • Larry Dane (Google)

    They got ALL my data back in less than 24hrs!!! The staff was amazing and very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone. Honest, Reliable and Incredible..

  • Russell Brokstein (Google)

    As a business owner, I have several computers in the office and at home. Anytime I have a problem I bring the computer to PC Warehouse and always happy with the service and always fixed quickly.

  • L Moser (Google)

    Yvonne and staff are the best....been using them for years. Reasonable and reliable.

  • Fran DiBella (Google)

    I have a laptop that just shut down for no reason. The screen went black. I thought it was dead because it's an old laptop (7+ years). Well, Chris told me that the pin where you plug in the power adapter was dead. He soldered the pin and it cost me next to nothing compared to buying a brand new laptop. He was done in a day !! Great job !. Love this place !

  • David Newhardt (Google)

    I brought my Laptop to PC Warehouse Data Recovery Freehold NJ for Repairs ,I dropped my Laptop and broke several parts. PC Warehouse were very kind & Helpful right to the point. Their $ Fee for repairs & Turn around time of competition were Fantastic! Thank you so much PC Warehouse! Dave Newhardt Jackson NJ

  • Juls M. (Yelp)

    My son had some minor issues with a computer he built himself. We took it to PC Warehouse to have then run a diagnostic check on the computer to see what was wrong. Not only did they fix the issues but they took the time to show my son (13yrs old) what he did to cause the glitches - he really learned a lot from the very knowledgeable staff. We will definition use them again! (Prices for diagnostic and repair were reasonable)

  • Nicole Tonnesen (Google)

    Best service ever!! Repaired both video card and iOS software only within a few days! Would most certainly recommend to anyone!

  • George Lewis (Facebook)

    Great place for parts ! Excellent repair service . They even have used parts at good prices .

  • Jackie R. (Yahoo)

    Great service! I was freaking out when my USB drive broke and was worried about all the files on it. Geek Squad couldn't help and pointed me in the direction of PC Warehouse. They were able to recover all the files on the drive! Fair pricing and great service!

  • James D. (Yahoo)

    Excellent service. Geek Squad was unable to recover data. PC Warehouse did it on time and for a great price, and they recovered every piece of data. Highly recommended.

  • Debra M. (Yahoo)

    Honest, up front as to costs and length of time to repair. No up-sale gimmicks. Upon picking up, staff walked me through exactly what was done and verified it was to my expectations. Highly recommend!

  • John D. (Yahoo)

    I love this place. Mom and Pop type place. Great people there, friendly, and they know what they're doing. I've been going to them for years and recommend them to anyone looking for a computer place. If I could give 6 stars, I would.

  • NJTownProductions (Google)

    it went amazingly well, they were polite, fixed my issues and for an amazing price! Also quick as well!

  • daniel mighty (Google)

    Great store check it out for real and they have a great team with lots of experience they can help with anything my coumputer broke and they fixed it

  • Paul Hankins (Google)

    I've been using PC Warehouse since they've opened and I absolutely adore them. Prices are good, knowledge is second to none and I just feel like I'm visiting friends when I'm lucky enough to need a new part or repair.

  • Richard Kochinski (Google)

    Great place to purchase a computer or have one fixed. Yvonne and her staff are always willing to do the best work that they can. Will always do business there!

  • Lisa Eber (Google)

    They always know what to do.. I wouldn't take my computer anywhere else

  • Nicole Dane (Yahoo)

    They got ALL my data back in less than 24hrs!!! The staff was amazing and very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone. Honest, Reliable and Incredible..

  • Juan Ricardo Palacio E (Google)

    I had the great experience to meet James and his family. These people took me for 4 days offering me their friendship and the best professional training in data recovery. Actually how to explain all the issues is completely awesome. These days my progress in my knowledge of data recovery was completely obvious and happy return to Colombia and also with the best equipment and training that can be in the world. I remain highly grateful and highly recommend this great person and the best data recovery coach. For rates and equipment prices are what I can say that I found more economical than find out after a while. Thank you.

  • margaret C Laureys (Google)

    This man is a genius! He exceeded all of my expectations. ONE: He is brilliant at data recovery. He's so good, that I now understand why he's classified as a "Forensic" restorer and why private detectives and law enforcement use him. TWO: His turn around time was so fast that I had to knock wood to be sure I wasn’t in a dream. THREE: His prices are supremely reasonable. I did comparison shopping and you won’t find better. FOUR: He is amazingly polite. Just a genuinely nice guy who seems to take real pride in his work. Lastly, I need to say that my job was vastly difficult. I had overwritten an entire novel. “Overwritten” is different than “deletion.” It’s the worst thing that can happen. I called dozens of Data Recovery Companies and they all said it was “gone forever.” One of the biggest companies in NJ told me to not even bother bringing it in for a diagnosis because "overwriting was impossible to recover." Only James of PC Warehouse gave me hope. And boy, did he deliver! In fact, if you are on this page right now, don’t bother looking any further – because you have found your guy.

  • Melissa Prusher (Google)

    I have used PC Warehouse several times over the years. They offer affordable and expert data recovery from a courteous and professional team. I had a hard drive failure and six hours later I had my computer running and all my data restored. They are fast, good, and reasonably priced. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my machine and highly recommend them.

  • Jints Bigblue (Google)

    A huge Thank You to James Gao at PC Warehouse of Freehold NJ. Not only is he a PC expert, he was able to recover all my videos from my Sony Handy cam that my 3 year old son deleted. James gave me and my family (30gigs) of our memories back! I thank you now, my son and daughter will thank you later ; )

  • Bronson Ferri (Google)

    Bent over backwards to help me get my laptop operational again. Great help!

  • A Google User (Google)

    Great service!. Very knowledgable people/technicians. Computer store is very complete. Nice Tai restaurant next door. In the 4 days I was there I just saw happy customers leave with their computers fixed :)

  • Steve Lavon (Yahoo)

    I ordered my first customized computer from scratch for Lavon Art Gallery at PC Warehouse and after more than 10 years it's still working ok. My computer had a Virus, they also did a great job to fix it and I received great service. I would recommend PC Warehouse to my friend and anyone. .....Steve Lavon.

  • A Google User (Google)

    Excellent technicians. James is outstanding with data recovery. The best place to go to for data recovery and PC repairs and parts

  • Ruby T. (Yelp)

    Friendly service, most importantly honest people. Data recovery specialist is one of New Jersey's top specialist. When Geek squad or Tech support from other stores can't handle it, they sent me here. More reasonable than those other places too. Highly recommended. Don't let their sparse decor fool you. Source: http://www.yelp.com/biz/pc-warehouse-data-recovery-freehold

  • A Google User (Google)

    James is very knowledgeable with all Data recovery techniques. The training course is worth every penny.